Slack for Marketing

Slack enables your ideas all the way to market by keeping everyone on the same page in real time. Slack is a communication super tool allowing your team to send notifications, get approvals, and sign off on the biggest marketing campaigns. From collaboration to integration, Slack has the capabilities your team needs to prepare the best marketing campaigns yet. [click to continue…]


Quality NOT quantity. A humorous video illustration.

Why use qualifying questions? Watch this funny video and see why qualifying your prospect is so important.

Qualify your prospect with key qualifying questions for optimal attention before presenting your business opportunity. It’s all about the quality, not quantity, of your prospects. Working smarter, not harder.

How do I do this? You ask. Well, first question to you is, who is your ideal client? Your tribe? In most cases it is someone exactly like you. In this case you would have a lot in common.

For example, if you are a single mom, with a 9-5 job struggling to make ends meet, then you may want to speak to single moms with day jobs. You would like to share your new home based business opportunity with this demographic.

There are 3 parts to qualifying your prospect. Firstly ask 2 qualifying questions, then redirect the qualified prospect to your offer.

Some qualifying questions you may ask in your emails, ad, and other marketing could be…

Question #1. Are you a single mom struggling to make ends meet?  This question narrows down your audience so that you are only talking to your ideal client. If they say YES, they move on to question #2. If they say NO, perfect, you didn’t want to talk to them anyway.

Question #2. Would earning an extra $500 per month working only a few extra hours a week from home help your family out? This also qualifies the prospect more and prepares the prospect to be open to your business opportunity. If yes they move to your Call to Action statement #3.

“Call to Action” step #3. Click the link below (or contact me) to Learn More about how I was able to do this and now have more time and financial freedom and loving my new lifestyle with my children. Ok, there is a lot in this statement that talks directly to the single struggling mom and what she could imagine her life might be like if she clicks the link. This is what you want. Now, the important part, you need an opt-in / landing page or somehow you can capture the prospect’s email address in exchange for your free report / ebook / testimonial / email subscription etc. You want to immediately offer value to your prospect and ask for nothing (other than their email address) in return. This is where you can tell your story and start building trust. Share how your new home-based business has changed your life. Be specific. You want the prospect to relate to you. If they got this far they are a very good qualified prospect and a high probability to move toward your offer.

Why ask for their email? The reason you ask for their email is also to pre-qualify. If they can’t give you their email or they give you a fake one, then they are not ready or they are a prospect that is starting off their relationship with you on a lie. You can’t save them all. Just the ones that are ready. Even if they don’t buy into your product / course / MLM business you now have their email address to regularly update them through your broadcast emails giving them more stories / testimonials and offer to start their own home-based business. It may not happen right away. It may take months or a year, or it may not happen at all, and that’s ok.

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Have a wonderful day.

Warm regards, Richard Van Liempt



Using Images to Improve Your Content Marketing

Whether they are inserted into the header or placed within the main body of text, images are an illustration of you contents core idea. Including simple images that relate to as wide an audience as possible will help maximize the work your content can do. [click to continue…]


Is Resistance Holding You Back From Success?

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance.”
~ Stephen Pressfield

In Stephen Pressfield’s essential book The War of Art, he reveals the hidden cause of untapped potential:  “resistance.”


Safety Practices for Small Business Social Media Use

No longer the “New Kid in Town.” Social Media and its marketing resources have gone from a compulsive form of recreation for many to a fundamental piece of any business plan, large or small.

What is still not readily known by many business owners and managers is that use of social media by companies and their employees can seriously compromise a businesses’ security.  Very often, when it comes to maintaining safety and security via social media, employees can end up being the biggest issue.

Whether it’s from posting on their personal page about things happening at work, or clicking on things they shouldn’t while using an office computer, employees can accidentally leak information or download mal-ware into your network without even realize they are doing it.

To help avoid the issues that can result in these seemingly small actions, here are some tips to assist you in keeping your business and your employees safe from social-media troubles, both at work and at home. [click to continue…]


Pictures Can Say It All. Make Sure They Get Seen.

This video gives you step by step instruction on the best way to use images for your business. From choosing your filename to adjusting the image size or resolution to using Alt-text/alt-tag, and choosing between jpeg, gif or png. It’s made simple and easy to follow to make those images work best for you and your business.


Taking Care of Myself.

This summer I took it upon myself to commit to being fit. With help from a friend, I started eating better and in the first 4 weeks, I dropped 10 lbs with just the changes in eating habits.
I feel better, I have more energy, sleep better and enjoy the time making my primarily plant-based dinners. Veggies rule. (OK, I never thought I’d say that)
Now I step it up, literally, and head to the CrossFit gym near my home next week. It’s not about the outcome, for me it’s about the commitment. The outcome will be what it is going to be, no less than great, as I intend to be tenacious.
Next goal deadline…Dec 31, 2017.

“If you want to be successful in your career, start by working on yourself.”

~ Richard Van Liempt


Whiteboard alternative – be creative.

I like to use a whiteboard for my strategy sessions with clients or for myself, however, yesterday I found my whiteboard full and I didn’t want to erase it quite yet.

Hmmm, what could I use? I remembered in a video Russel Brunson posted, he used a client’s window.  Ah. My client and I moved to the patio window, with a nice view I must say, and proceeded to brainstorm her sales funnel.

Once we were done, I hung a white sheet behind the window to take pictures of our whiteboard notes to send her and for future reference.

Be creative, don’t let the little details hold you back from getting work done.

Have a wonderful day.

To your online success,

Richard van Liempt.


Create More Time to Grow Your Business and Enjoy Your Life by Utilizing Virtual Assistants

In this video, you are given a primer on how you can get most from your business by hiring Virtual Assistants. It goes on to define what a VA is and what benefits can be obtained with the help of VAs. Tasks that can be assigned as well as possible list of websites where freelancers can be found are also provided.


Learn to live in the present.

Many of us live in the past or are busy worrying about the future but life actually can only exist in the present. If one is to truly “live life” then one must live in the present.

Richard Van Liempt