Online Marketing: The New Era of Business Marketing 

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– Richard Van Liempt

This past year I took, what I consider, The World’s Best 21 Step online marketing course. It was just the door to the rabbit hole I have ventured in, this world of online marketing. No, it’s not your common SEO / online marketing co. There are lots of those around, and most (read – very very high percentage) only scratch the service. I have delved deeper, learned more and now understand what my business needs to succeed.  Now, I have been a “bricks and mortar” business owner for a long time and still am so I thought I knew marketing. Well, the training I received this past year really opened my eyes  to the world of online marketing possibilities for my business. Now not all online marketing courses are alike. Be warned. If you are curious (and I hope you are) then follow this link.

World’s Best 21 Step online marketing course.

What I am seeing is gone are the days where marketing your business was a simple ad in the back of the local newspaper, attending trade shows and cold calling. When your local demographic sustained your business. Well, marketing of your business has changed as fast as the internet is changing. The growing use of search engines and online social media opens up the internet as an incredible gold mine of prospects for your business, locally and abroad. The challenge is being re-educated to take on this new marketing space and efficiently and economically market your business.

The real beauty of strategic online marketing is AUTOMATION. Come on, we are always told to work smarter and not harder, but not necessarily are we then given the proper advice or tools to implement such a bold statement.

I  have come to realize that I wasn’t told this before in my ‘sales and marketing training’ courses. Why? Because most marketing at the time was (and still is in some cases) old school. We marketed with the tools we had at the time. Times are changing and so should our marketing campaigns.

Well, I for one am not being left behind. Every day I  learn and implement as much as I can, leveraging as much talent and time I can from others. This 21 Step Course did that for me. It provided me with the education and resources I needed. Really it’s a “plug-n-play” system. You will find it referred as a “Done for You System” and it really is. 90% of the work is done for me with automation and a back office sales team.  I find it quite surprising that others are so willing to share their knowledge and skills to help me succeed. Pay it forward, and so I will too.

Another fantastic course I tookFollowing the 21 Step Course is Traffic Masters Academy. Wow. It’s full of relevant, eye-opening and immediately usable content.

traffic-masters-academy-261x300Traffic Masters Academy: Traffic Masters Academy reveals everything about traffic that no one ever talks about. Over the course of 30 days, you’ll learn from the men and women that are on the cutting edge of traffic generation today.



Don’t leave potential prospects to your competition. If you’re not learning and implementing new marketing strategies for your business – be sure that your competition is.

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You ‘know what you know’, ‘you know what you don’t know’, this course takes you into the relm or ‘what you don’t know, you don’t know’.

Always be curious my friend…

Richard Van Liempt

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